Logimedex is a modern
and innovative company

Created with the mission of providing a personalized and transparent service in medical contingency plans for diagnostic and treatment of routine and emergency medical procedures. Making the experience of the medical care more bearable and avoid discrepancies in the treatments and collections made to foreign patients who do not know the medical system in Mexico.

In this way, our vision is to achieve worldwide recognition for innovation and exceptional experience in the care of routine and emergency procedures for global travelers.

Our core values are: leadership and integrity, transparency and honesty, reliability and efficiency, excellence in service to our clients and joint work to solve problems.

Our work is based on constant and transparent communication with our suppliers and constant monitoring and measurement of our service systems, to provide solutions and constant improvement. To achieve this goal, we use the following communication channels:


Using the Logimedex monitoring system, share real time patient data with our customers providing reliable contact means to reach Logimedex medical staff or case managers.


Outcome management reports of our services to identify trends and patterns of our services to reach the desired outcome of 100% customer satisfaction for our patients and providers.

We use a military-grade encrypted communication system that guarantees the confidentiality of our clients' files.

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